December 4, 2013 | Rebecca DuBois | 0 COMMENTS

Letter From A Fellow Survivor

I recently received this note from a survivor and mother of three:

I just want to thank you for thinking of us and bringing that wonderful book over last night. Oh my! As I read it with the kids with tears in our eyes, all three of the kids had said what I was feeling in my heart, "Mom it is like you wrote this book." One of the kids would smile and say "Mom we talked about that" I truly felt like someone has been with us during this journey and put our days in a book. It was a comforting and perfect ending to our day. I know you said you wanted to give the book to us before, but yesterday's timing was a gift. Now the kids' wheels are tuning and wanting to create a book for children to know that not all cancer takes parents and loved ones away. Something that says cancer is not fun but life still can be. That is my kiddos with their great big hearts 🙂 Thanks again for looking out for us (and over at us) and checking in."


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