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weather for Saturday

Despite the inclement weather for Saturday, September 22nd, I was ready and willing to walk in the Susan G. Komen race no matter what. The meteorologist had been forecasting rain, wind, and cold temperatures for the day of the race. You would think after living in Michigan my whole life, I would have learned not to put much faith into the forecast. But, me being the eternal optimist I believed in their percentages that the rain was coming.


This race is significant for a few reasons. One, I’m a 7 year survivor. I believe in encouraging others along their own journey, and most importantly, I have a strong desire to support my friend Ellen by walking in her honor on Team Van-Ossme(Ellen’s team). Like me, she was 29 years old when she received word that she had breast cancer. Her courageous fight ended on July 20th, 2012, and at that moment she began celebrating her cancer-free victory in heaven. She was an amazing daughter, sister, and mother. She was a loving wife, and wonderful friend to many. Her faith in the Lord was unshakable. Ellen was devoted to finding a cure for this horrible disease, a fierce competitor in raising the most donations (which she had accomplished the past two years). And to make this day even more special, it happened to fall upon Ellen’s birthday!


On Friday morning, the day before the race, I went to pick up our Team Van Ossme T-shirts from one of Ellen’s closest friends. We began having a conversation about Ellen. We discussed how much she was going to be missed, how weird it will feel not having her there. I mentioned how unfortunate the forecast sounded for the race. She proceeded in telling me that Ellen would say,” It always rains on my birthday”!


Saturday morning arrived; I strapped on my walking shoes and looked outside to make my own assessment of the weather. The ground was shimmering with raindrops and dew, the leaves were heavy and drooped, and for a moment I believed the weather men may have gotten the forecast right.

We spotted Team Van-Ossme, which were 158 members strong, hidden somewhere behind the sea of pink and thousands of people.  I began to notice the sky open up. I felt the sun beginning to warm my skin.  And at that moment I knew Ellen was celebrating her birthday with us and telling our Creator,” Take good care of my peeps”!


During the race, the weather was perfect, not a cloud in sight, not a single rain drop fell. But as morning changed to afternoon, so did the weather. And just as Ellen predicted, it began to rain!

Celebrating you on your 33rd birthday will never be forgotten! Love you E!


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